Autodesk Inventor extension for automatic copying and renaming of assemblies

Assembly Copier

What is this Autodesk Inventor extension about?

Assembly Copier enables any Autodesk Inventor user to make an independent copy of any existing model. Therefore, the designer is able quickly to design similar models of the same concept having different configurations and dimensions.

Hierarchical encoding feature makes Assembly Copier copying different from an analogous feature in Autodesk Inventor products. This function recodes components of the item and easily identifies what product the part belongs to and what assembly level it is at.

API is also available in Assembly Copier and it allows the user to create own methods of copying and renaming.


What should I know before purchasing the Subscription?

Assembly Copier has 45 days Trial version for free, which allows user to use software at its full functionality (including all Assembly Copier related services). It also allows user to evaluate software suitability and to decide whether to buy it or not.  After Trial version expiration, Assembly Copier automatically turns off.

Assembly Copier Pro version, which is available for the period of bought subscription and allows the user to use software at its full functionality. The subscription can be extended and charged automatically if such setting is set in the Woodwork Hive (Assembly Copier)  account of the subscriber. Otherwise, if subscription expires, Assembly Copier Pro version automatically turns off.

For purchasing the subscription you need to login to the account by using your Autodesk account ID/Password.


What Autodesk Inventor version are compatible with Assembly Copier ?

Current Assembly Copier v15 is compatible with Autodesk Inventor 2025, 2024 and 2023.


What are the prices?
  • 3 years subscription – 288 EUR / paid every 3 years (8 EUR per month).
  • 2 years subscription – 264 EUR / paid every 2 years (11 EUR per month).
  • Annual subscription – 156 EUR / paid annually (13 EUR per month).