Assembly (prototype) copying

1. Open the assembly you want to copy.

2. Select Assembly Copier from the top menu.

1. Wait until Woodwork for Inventor collects all necessary data. Then click „Browse“ to set destination folder.

1. To save descriptive file names, copy them to Description (iProperty) column. Right click on the New File Name column, and select „Copy Values to“ -> „Description“.

1. Open the Tree Counter tab. Tree counter allows you to create hierarchical values in selected columns by combining Root name (1) with an automatically increasing value of theCounter. Enter the counter’s initial value in the Counter format field (2). You can also insert a Delimiter (3) between the counter value and the Root name. After you have created new file names, click „Apply“. New file names will be displayed in the New File Namecolumn.

2. Now you can copy new file names to thePart Number field. Right click on New File Name column, and select „Copy values to“ -> „Part Number“.

3. Click on the report generation button.

4. Make sure that there are no text messages highlighted in red in the Report window. If you find such messages, click on them and all problematic components will be highlighted in the model three. If no messages highlighted in red appear in the Reportwindow, click „Execute copy“.

5. Click „Open copy in Inventor“.

6. Now you can modify the new assembly without changing its original file.